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Faded Productions
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About Us
This community is owned by two girls fadedsparks ll fadedtwilight84

We wanted to create a mutually shared journal where we would post all of our fanvids, so they would be kept separate from our fanfiction. Rather than make a separate journal we decided to create a community just for the two of us where we'd post all of our fanvids. Take a look around, hopefully you will enjoy the vids we've posted so far.
Fandoms & Pairings
What can and will eventually be found here:
Supernatural: Destiel, Dean/Jo, Bro vids and gen vids.
The Vampire Diaries: Delena and Dalaric.
Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson.
Lost: Jack/Kate and Charlie/Claire.
What’s Your Number: Ally/Colin.
Crossovers: Dean/Damon and Dean/Elena.
Favorite Vidders
doode25 ll FatedCinderella84 ll thewinchestergospel ll absrip ll uschigmbh18 ll gaby0189x ll 404ing ll starb0ck ll SecretlyToDream ll BillyMartinfan ll anaapenas ll sparkfadingspark ll emzielouisesun ll XxFadingxFlowerXx